Monday, July 25, 2011


Palestine is one of four countries that was carved out of Bilad Al Sham by the colonialist authorities of Britain and France. The other three countries were: Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. It borders with Jordan on the east,Lebanon to the north, Egypt to the south and the ocean on the west. Before World War One it was under the protection and governance of The Khilafa. It was through the destruction of The Khilafa -after World War One, that all of Bilad Al Shams was colonized by the British and The French.

It was recognized as a country by The League of Nations in the document "The Palestine Mandate of the League of Nations".
' "..But once the United States abdicated any further role in the new European order after the summer of 1919, it was left to Britain and France to divide the Middle East between them. It cannot be said that either power displayed any great altruism when it came to deciding whether the indigenous peoples of the area were mature enough to be granted their independence. In April 1920, in the small Italian town of San Remo, Britain and France divide the Middle East into mandates while the American ambassador read his newspaper in the garden. Britain obtained Palestine, Transjordan 6 and Iraq; the French acquired Syria." '
("The Palestine Mandate of the League of Nations July 24, 1922" from the website: /

"Fifty years ago the UN decided to partition Palestine into two states, one Arab, one Jewish. The ensuing Arab-Israeli war ended with Israel expanding its share of the land by a third, while what remained for the Arabs was occupied by Egypt and Jordan. Several hundred thousands of Palestinians fled their homes, becoming the refugees at the heart of the conflict. Israel has always denied that they were expelled, either forcibly or as a matter of policy. Israel's 'new historians' have been re-examining that denial and have put an end to a number of myths."
by Dominique Vidal
("The Expulsion of the Palestinians re-examined By the French newspaper Le Monde"

"'Only a few acknowledged that the father's story of return, redemption and liberation was also a story of conquest, displacement, oppression and death.'
Yaron Ezrachi, 'Rubber Bullets'

"Between the partition plan for Palestine adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 29 November 1947 and the 1949 ceasefire that ended the Arab-Israeli war, begun by the invasion of 15 May 1948, several hundred thousand Palestinians abandoned their homes in territory that ended up occupied by Israel (1).

"Palestinian and Arab historians have always maintained that this was an expulsion. The vast majority of the refugees (estimated at between 700,000 and 900,000) were, they say, forced to leave, first, as a result of clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, and then by the Arab-Israeli war, in which a political-military strategy of expulsion had been marked by several massacres. This position was stated as far back as 1961, by Walid Khalidi, in his essay 'Plan Dalet: Master Plan for the Conquest of Palestine' (2) and has recently been restated by Elias Sanbar in 'Palestine 1948. L'Expulsion' "
("The Expulsion of the Palestinians re-examined By the French newspaper Le Monde"

Bilad Al Shams was a part of The Islamic Nation. It was through World War One and the colonization of different parts of The Islamic Nation that the central government of The Islamic Nation was destroyed. Most, if not all Muslim countries, are still under the despotic governance of neo-colonialism.

The Israeli State is an alien state that was created by the neo-colonialists to steal land and resources from The Islamic Nation, as well as, to be a source of political, social and moral corruption of the Muslim people who are living in The Middle East.

Through out the sixty plus years that the Israeli State has existed it has continuously perpetrated acts of murder, massacre,land theft and mischief against the native inhabitants of Palestine. Most of the territory that The Israeli State is claiming is territory which it obtained through criminal activities. Indeed, the Israeli State is not only invalid; it is also criminal in its nature and in its behavior. Time and time again it has proven its criminality to the point of blatantly violating International Law. An example of such criminality is the acts of piracy that it committed in 2010 against the Freedom Flotilla.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Jihad is an Arabic word meaning struggle.It is a common term within The Islamic Faith. The one who makes jihad is called a mujahid. The most common usage for the term mujahid is the individual who is involved in jihad of the battlefield. There are three types of jihad in Islam:
1. Jihad of the nafs (ego). This struggle is a personal struggle in which the person attempts to train his nafs(or ego) towards doing things which are in accordance with The Islamic Faith. This involves both doing things that are obligatory, as well as, avoiding things which are forbidden.
2. Jihad against a tyrant. This jihad involves telling the truth to a tyrant in spite of the consequences, because it is the truth. The one who does this is fully aware of the possibility that he/she might be executed.
3. Jihad of the battlefield. There is much misinformation through out the world about this kind of jihad. It is a struggle on the battlefield against those who are perpetrating aggression/oppression against a Muslim population. Its purpose is to bring justice to a Muslim population.